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"Instagram meets AngelList - a community for startups and entrepreneurs"

100 million startups are created each year. Too often, startups work long hours in isolated bubbles across the world. With only a handful of scattered communities online, there really is no place for startups to share their stories and moments with other entrepreneurs. Teamstory helps startups share their unique adventures with fellow startups and cheer each other on. Let's start building a community together.

Capture and Share

Launching your awesome product? Throwing an awesome meet-up? Working on the next big thing at a cafe? No matter what step your startup takes, we all have our moments worth capturing.

What's your startup up to?

Discover Moments

There's more to a startup than a TechCrunch article.
Meet other startups and entrepreneurs who are fighting through the good, the bad, and the ugly. No matter what the tale, these are the moments you'll never forget. Show the world what you're really about.

Just starting off? Crazy hackathons? Ping Pong tournaments? Team workouts? Whatever your team's specialty, show off your fun side!

Discover Products

Find out about great products and services for your team on Teamstory Discover. The journey is always better with a sidekick. Ranging from collaboration tools to events, you can find awesome things on Discover.

Do you have a product or service you want to provide to other startups? Let's Talk.

Built with community in mind

For Startups By Startups

We know how hard and lonely this path can be. That's why we're building a global community of entrepreneurs and startups to share and help discover each other on this crazy ride. We are all in this together. This is our Teamstory.

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